Bilateral Relation Between Indonesia-Hungary

Bilateral relation between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Hungary was opened through the signing of Friendship Agreement on June 26th 1955. Since then, the bilateral relationship between the two countries has been going well. Indonesia assigned the first Ambassador to Budapest in the year 1962, as well as Hungary assigned its ambassador in the same year.

The visit of President Hungary Pal Losonczi in 1984 to Indonesia and the visit of President Soeharto to Budapest in 1985, and the visit of President Arpad Goncz to Indonesia in 1994, rewarded by the visit of President Megawati Soekarnoputri in 2002, then the visit of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany in 2005, letter followed by the visit of President Laszlo Solyom to Indonesia in 2008, showed that the bilateral relationship between the two countries in the high level continuously growing well.

In the visit of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany to Jakarta in 2005, after Hungary joint in the European Union in 2004, marked the new era of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. In this visit, the two sides had signed a bilateral agreement between the two countries on economic co-operation, to further promote economic and technical cooperation. In the other hand, the visit of Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. N. Hassan Wirayuda to Budapest in the same year to sign memorandum of understanding on the establishment of bilateral consultation between the two ministries of foreign affairs show that the relationship between the two countries had been covers all field.

The relationship between the two parliaments also had went well, which was marked by the visit of the speaker of Republic of Hungary Mrs. Katalin Zsili to Indonesia in 2007 and rewarded by the visit of deputy speaker of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Pramana Anung Wibowo in 2010. The visit of the Hungarian speaker Mr. Lazslo Kover to Indonesia recently to hold talk with his Indonesian counterpart, including with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, added to the closer bilateral relationship.

So far, between the two countries had been succeeded to develop cooperation among the local governments in the form of sister city/province cooperation. During the year of 2008-2010, the two countries had signed MOU in cooperation between City of Jakarta- City of Budapest, City of Bogor-City of Godollo, and the Province of North Sumatera-Bekes Megye County. In the year of 2010, Sosto-Zoo in the east of Hungary had inaugurated “Indonesia house – Green Pyramid” which is the realization of cooperation between Sosto-Zoo, Hungary with the Ragunan Zoo, Indonesia in the exchange cooperation program of wildlife.

Declarations/Agreements/MOU’s between the two countries

* MOU between the two Central Bank (2004)
* MOU Joint Business Council Indonesia-Hungary (2004)
* MOU BIDA (Otorita Batam) – ITDH (2004)
* MOU BIDA (Otorita Batam) – IVSZ (2004)
* MOU on Information and Communication Technology (2004)
* Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (2005)
* MOU on the Cooperation between NAFED – ITD Hungary (2007)
* MOU on the Cooperation between ANTARA – MTI



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