The Presentation of the Letter of Credence

On Monday, November 15, 2010 at 14:00 at the Sandor Palace, Ambassador Maruli Tua Sagala presented the Letter of Credence from the President of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the President of the Republic of Hungary, H.E. Pal Schmitt.

In attendance were Mr. Marton Vajna (Chief of the Presidential Office), Mr Gyorgy Pantos (Chief of the Protocol, Hungarian Foreign Ministry), Mr. Geza Polonyi (Deputy Head of the Foreign Ministry Protocol), Ivan Szerdahelyi (Director General for Asia Pacific, Hungarian Foreign Ministry), represented the Hungarian Government. Also in attendance were Mrs. Elita Sagala (wife of the Ambassador), Dwi Wahyu Wibowo (Minister Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest), Annie Puspa Rosita Yunus (Second Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest) and Patricia Silalahi (Second Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest).

The ceremony begun when the Deputy Chief of Protocol, Mr. Geza Polonyi, called for the Ambassador at his resident and traveled in the official car with the Deputy Chief. The wife of the Ambassador and the accompanying members of the Embassy followed in the other cars. The motorcade was preceded by a police lead-up car. On the arrival, the Ambassador alighted and was met by the Commander of the Garrison, who then briefed him with the ceremony performed by the Guard of Honour. Following the military salute, Ambassador accompanied by Director General for Asia Pacific, Foreign Ministry Deputy Chief of Protocol, and the Garrison Commander, entered the Sandor Palace.

Arriving at the Marie Therese Room, the Ambassador was introduced to Mr. Marton Vajna (Chief of the Presidential Office) who then briefed about the rules of procedures of the ceremony and escorted the Ambassador to the Hall of Mirrors Palace where President Pal Schmitt accepted him.

The Presentation of the Letter of Credence from the President of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono to the President of the Republic of Hungary, H.E. Pal Schmitt was conducted in room Hall of Mirrors and proceeded with the Ambassador introduced his wife the accompanying members of the Embassy to the President. In return, President Pal Schmitt introduced the Hungarian officials present at that time and invited the Ambassador to his audience chamber for a private conversation. At the conclusion of the private audience, the Ambassador signed the guest book in the Marie Therese Room.

The ceremony then followed by a wreath laying ceremony at the Monument of Hungarian Heroes in Budapest where the Ambassador laid a wreath, salutes and paused for a brief moment.

The ceremony ended with a toast with the Hungarian officials and an evening celebration was held with the entire staff of the Embassy and the Indonesian community residing in Hungary. 







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