"We will make every effort to supervise it (the use of subsidized fuel), so consumption will not exceed the target of 46 million kiloliters," BPH Migas chief Andy N Sommeng said here on Monday.

Both the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) have agreed to set the quota of subsidized fuel at 46 million kiloliters in the revised 2014 state budget.

The first-semester subsidized fuel consumption comprised 14.44 million kiloliters of gasoline, 0.46 million kiloliters of kerosene, and 8 million kiloliters of diesel oil.

One of the efforts to control the subsidized fuel consumption is reducing the number of subsidized fuel nozzles at gasoline stations in the countrys major cities. The move will be initiated in Jakarta.

The other effort will be to restrict the use of subsidized fuel for trucks, tourist buses, and luxury taxis.

The BPH Migas will coordinate with relevant agencies in controlling the use of subsidized fuel.

Director General of Oil and Gas at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Edy Hermantoro once said the government will control the use of subsidized fuel, so the quota of 46 million kiloliters will not be exceeded.

State oil and gas company Pertamina said earlier the subsidized fuel consumption will outstrip the quota unless the government takes necessary steps to control it.

Pertamina has predicted subsidized fuel consumption will reach 47.621 million kiloliters at the end of this year. The fuel consumption will comprise 30.207 million kiloliters of gasoline, 899 thousand kiloliters of kerosene, and 16.514 million kiloliters of diesel oil.