"Today we will scrutinize the preparations for the construction of an air base in the area. We will build an air base there to prevent illegal acts including alleged annexation of our state borders," Assistant for Operations to the Air Force Chief of Staff Rear Marshal Sudipo Handoyo said when paying a working visit to the Supadio Air Base in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, on Monday.

During the visit, Sudipo was accompanied by Chief of the Air Force Operation Command Rear Marshal M Syaugi and Commander of the Air Force Special Troop Corps Rear Marshal M Harpin Ondeh.

From the Supadio Air Base, Sudipo and entourage went straight to Temajuk to check the location for the air base of type C.

"We have come to Sambas to check the truth of the alleged construction of a lighthouse in the border area. By doing so, they (Malaysia) know that we will not remain silent to defend the sovereignty of our state," he said.