The Gembira Loka Zoos (GLZoo) General Director Tirtodiprojo stated in Yogyakarta on Friday that talks on the possibility to host the SEAZA conference was raised during the joint training held by SEAZAs experts for the keepers at the Surabaya Zoo on May 12-14, 2014.

According to Tirtodiprojo, most of the SEAZA members gave a positive feedback about GLZoos image, which has developed into a modern concept zoo.

"In 2001, GLZoo was recognized as an underrated zoo, but now it has been developed and raised its class," he pointed out.

The last SEAZA conference was held in Taiping, Malaysia, on November 4-8, 2013, and Tirtodiprojo stated that his side will promote GLZoo as a suitable candidate to host the next conference.

With regard to the joint training held by SEAZA in Surabaya Zoo, Tirtodiprojo remarked that it was the first international training ever conducted since the zoo opened in 1920.

The joint training themed "Animal Keeper Training Course Responsible Zoo Keeping" is aimed at improving zoo keepers performance so that they can accomplish their duties in a more effective manner.

"As a member of SEAZA, it is my calling to participate in motivating the zookeepers at the Surabaya Zoo, so that they will shoulder full responsibilities to prosper and take better care of the animals," Tirtodipuro reiterated.