"In general, however, there is still work to do in the future. Care must be taken to ensure that further democratic process is peaceful, orderly and smooth," he explained, after leading a ceremony marking the transfer of post of chief executive of sea security coordinating agency from Vice Admiral Bambang Suwarto to Rear Admiral Dr. D.A. Mamahit.

He explained that further process of democracy will be given special attention until the conclusion of presidential election in July, while police deployment will continue.

"The process of vote counting must be well guarded not only by the police but also by all community faculties so that no rigging would happen take place and voting could go well," he asserted.

On the occasion, defense forces (TNI) commander General Moeldoko stated that TNI will continue to help the police in securing the implementation of general elections.

Regarding the firefight between security forces and a radical group in Papua on Wednesday, he stressed that it was not connected with the elections.

"Crushing armed radical group must indeed be carried by TNI," he declared.