The Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry will assist the marketing efforts of start-up entrepreneurs in design, media and information technology (IT) sectors.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministrys General Director of Creative Economy, Harry Waluyo, said here on Saturday that a lack of marketing information was the single factor hampering new entrepreneurs in media, design and IT, along with start-up funding and operational funds.

"Therefore, we want to assist the new start-up entrepreneurs through a program called Business Incubator that provides mentoring and consultations on business, legal and technology," Waluyo said.

In the marketing sector, the Business Incubator program will allow new entrepreneurs to participate in exhibitions and business meetings held by the ministry.

Through the Business Incubator program, new entrepreneurs would also be assisted in expanding their access to funding through capital ventures, investment, banking, and other financial institutions.

Waluyo stressed that the Business Incubator was an effective solution to assist entrepreneurs in media, design and IT businesses, as the ministry had begun to select and recruit eligible candidates to participate in this years program.

"We are sure that the Business Incubator program will end those obstacles faced by new start-up entrepreneurs," he said.