Army Chief of Staff General Budiman and LAPAN Chief Bambang S. Tejasukma signed the MoU at the Army Headquarters at the Veteran Street, in Central Jakarta, on Tuesday.

The MoU is related to a cooperation agreement signed by the Armys topography directorate and the institute some time back, to garner the benefits from aviation, science and technology.

"We will benefit from LAPANs several capabilities that can be utilized in the interest of the Army," Budiman stated.

LAPAN will develop technologies for rockets, remote sensing satellites, atmospheric sciences and technology for unmanned aerial vehicles for spying and monitoring activities to support the state defense.

Under the MoU, the Army will spend about Rp3.5 billion in order to finance LAPANs research.

He clarified that LAPANs remote sensing technology can help the Army in conducting surveys and mapping, geospacial intelligence, and monitoring, as part of its efforts to safeguard the national territory.

"We will use a satellite to conduct monitoring activities for safeguarding the border areas," he noted.

LAPAN will also help the Army to develop long-range missiles.

Budiman added that the Army will also deploy LAPANs technology to effectively perform activities such as search and rescue operations, natural disaster mitigation efforts, and combating terrorism.

LAPAN Chief Bambang S. Tejasukma emphasized that the cooperation with the Army will lay focus on developing methods and producing prototypes for defense industries.

"LAPAN will continue to work with the industries to build their competency levels in serving the Army," he pointed out.

Besides the Army, LAPAN has also cooperated with the Navy and will work in unison with the Air Force to develop aviation technology in the future. (*)