"The aid for Syria from Indonesia is estimated at US$500 thousand but we are still awaiting the confirmation of the amount from Jakarta. Last year too, it was US$500 thousand," stated Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait Ferry Adamhar here, on Tuesday.

According to him, Kuwaits aid to Syria last year through the United Nations was US$300 million, in addition to US$183 million from the countrys non-government organization.

That apart, the Arab Emirates also channelized its aid of US$300 million to Syria through the US last year, followed by US$155 million from the United States, US$132.6 million from European Union, US$78 million from Saudi Arabia, US$80.7 million from Britain and around US$65 million from Japan.

Ironically, Indonesians aid to Syria had not been recorded in the list of donor countries at the first International Conference for Humanitarian Assistance to Syria.

The Indonesian ambassador to Kuwait however, pointed out that the aid from Indonesia was not included in the list of donor countries because the assistance was handed through a board managed by the United Nations.

"The important thing is that Indonesia also participated along with other donor countries, although the aid was not recorded in the list," Ferry noted.(*)