"The progress of human rights protection has been achieved through, among other things, the establishment of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and ASEAN Human Rights Declaration," Wardana said here on Monday, while opening National Colloquium on ASEAN Community entitled "Debate of Law on Development and Protection of Human Rights in ASEAN".

The National Colloqium, according to Wardana, was an effort of Foreign Affairs Ministry to spread the understanding of human rights issues in Southeast Asia.

"Besides, the event is aimed at giving a frame of thinking to the younger generations so as they could continue Indonesia`s human rights diplomacy in ASEAN, "he said .

In view of that, he expected that the student participants could actively involve at the event, so that they will able to play the key role in ASEAN integration.

The vice minister said ASEAN has became important for Indonesia and vice versa .

"ASEAN has contributed a lot to regional, especially in areas of security`s stability and maintain conducive relationship for member states in developing economy," he said .

Indonesia, he explained, also has shown its key role in regional, especially when the country had initiated on ten years ago the establishment of ASEAN Community on 2015.

"Hence, an understanding of ASEAN and ASEAN Community should have became a necessity for Indonesians," he said.

Wardana said that the ongoing National Colloqium will provide the persentation of ASEAN Community`s three pillars, debate of law on the Human Rights` Promotion and Protection in ASEAN participated students from various regions in Indonesia.

The event, has been taking place since Sept 2 and scheduled to be held untill September 5, was organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministy in collaboration with the Indonesian Society of International Law (ISIL).

Law students from various universities in Indonesia, academics, and legal experts were involved in the event.