"Indonesia and Nigeria would strengthen each other not only for the sake of bilateral relations but also to contribute to international peace and security," he said after a Joint Commission Meeting at his office here on Thursday.

He said relations between the two countries have gone long and well so that wider opportunities are open for the two countries to increase cooperation in the future.

He said the two countries could develop cooperation in the fields of economy, politics, security, against transnational threats and also between their peoples.

He said Nigeria is an important country in Africa. "Nigeria is a strong partner for Indonesia," he added.

Nigeria`s foreign minister Olugbenga Ashiru meanwhile said he was glad for the implementation of the Joint Commission Meeting.

"The two countries` agreement on the commission is a momentum for increasing cooperation between Nigeria and Indonesia," he said.

He said cooperation in the field of economy, investment, trade agriculture, mining and others could increase the two countries` development.

Ashiru said Indonesia is also Nigeria`s strong cooperation partner in the region and therefore his country is glad to be able to cooperate with Indonesia.

He said the two countries` relations have been long including through their participation in the Non-Aligned Movement.

"The relations between Nigeria and Indonesia have been long and run well," he said.

Indonesia and Nigeria held a Joint Commission Meeting to follow up their agreement on the establishment of the commission for the cooperation between the two countries signed in New York in September 2010.

The meeting on Thursday led jointly by foreign minister Marty Natalegawa and his Nigerian counterpart Olugbenga Ashiru was held to discuss the follow up of bilateral commitments made during the state visit of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on February 2-3 in this year.

The commitments include increasing the two countries` bilateral relations in various fields including politics and security, trade, investment and social-culture.

In the meeting the two ministers also exchanged views on various global and regional issues.

Minister Olugbenga Ashiru will be in Indonesia from July 24 to 27 upon the invitation of Indonesia`s foreign minister.

Nigeria`s president Goodluck Jonathan plans to visit Indonesia in November to return President Yudhoyono`s visit to Nigeria in February this year.

The bilateral relations between Nigeria and Indonesia have been established since 1965 marked by the opening of a diplomatic relations and the Indonesian embassy in Lagos, which was later moved to Abuja in 2008. Nigeria opened its embassy in Jakarta in 1976.