"The two countries are our initial targets before we expand to the markets of other countries across Africa and Europe," Pertamina Lubricants Vice President Supriyanto Dwi Utomo said here on Thursday.

"Both continents offer a potentially large market," he noted.

In Western Europe, the demand for lubricants has reached 5.2 million kiloliters per year.

"Industrial and mining sectors account for 54 percent of the total demand, while automotive lubricants constitute the remaining 46 percent," Utomo explained.

"As its first step into the European market, Pertamina has exported to Switzerland as much as 32,000 liters of its best-quality products, namely Fastron Series, Prima XP and Mesran," he said.

Meanwhile, Utomo added, Pertamina exported 12,000 liters of its products, including Fastron Syntetic, Mesran and other diesel lubricants, to South Africa.

"Market penetration in South Africa is our pilot project before we develop the markets for other countries across Africa," he said.

Utomo noted that South Africa is a potentially huge market for the company because there are nearly 2.1 million automotive vehicles in the country.

"Overall, the annual growth in demand for oil in Africa has reached 26 percent, with 1.8 million liters of oil being consumed there every year," he pointed out.

"In the African continent, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt have the highest demand for automotive lubricants," Utomo said.

"Switzerland and South Africa have become the 23th and 24th countries, respectively, where Pertamina Lubricants are being sold," he added.