The level of Indonesian business confidence has increased by 17 points since April 2012, according to Regus` press release here on Sunday.

The survey was conducted towards as many as 24.000 senior businessmen in 92 countries.

Findings indicated that the global confidence to Indonesian business showed better performance compared to the last six months when it decreased by two percent since April 2012.

Moreover, most of companies` incomes have significantly increased by 71 percent compared to that only reaching by 43 percent in April 2012. Also, the company`s profits rose by 63 percents, up from 30 percent in the same month.

Regus survey reported that 73 percent of Indonesian respondents has expressed satisfaction with the government`s strategic support to conduct business.

The respondents also proposed three points for the government considerations in order to help small-scale business as well as new businesses, such as tax exemptions (70 percent), information service (53 percent) and certain industrial network construction (43 percent).

Previously, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on the people to help maintain the positive momentum of the national economy to achieve the target of economic growth, even though the global economic condition has not recovered.

"I call on the people, including the government and regional administrations, to understand the issues of global economy which is still covered by uncertainty and recession. Thus, Indonesia will cooperate with global and regional partner countries to increase the national economic growth", the president said.

The head of state noted that the cooperation of all elements is needed to boost the national economic growth based on the success of rallying through the economic crisis during 2008 and 2009.