Head of Sales and Marketing of the LFCIFASS, Andhika Suksmana said that the football school has trained 429 Indonesian junior football players, between 6-20 years of age, through several classes in Jakarta and Pekanbaru, Riau.

Around 400 students are being trained in Jakarta, while the other 29 are going to be trained in Pekanbaru.

"All students will receive weekly training to prepare them to be professional football players," Suksmana said in a press conference here on Friday.

Therefore, the young talented footballers hope to receive opportunities to compete in international football events.

Liverpool FC representatives in Indonesia expect to not only improve Indonesian football but also business presence in the region.

Suksmana said that the football academy had three objectives for development of the game.

The first involves it serving as a place for those focussed on developing their careers as professional football players.

"The academy also wants to promote football as an entertaining sport," Suksmana explained.

The last objective involves the Liverpool FC soccer school offering international partnerships for Indonesian enterprises to carry out their corporate social responsibility programs.