The free internet access will be enjoyed by citizens who are passing or driving through the city`s main roads of Sudirman to Thamrin, S Parman and MT Haryono.

"The city government did not spend any money for this free internet connection services. The Wi-Fi installation is part of the compensation of provided by the third party installing the fiber optic networks in the two roads," Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo told reporters at the City Hall, Tuesday, Aug 28.

The governor said that the free internet network services can be enjoyed by people who happened to be passing on the capital`s roads, either by those riding on the Trans-Jakarta buses or those who were being there in the areas covered by the Wi-Fi networks.

Fauzi claimed that the permit for this Wi-Fi installation had been issued a long time ago, but it would be realized early in September 2012.

Currently, Wi-Fi networks have also been installed in a number of places including in the National Monument (Monas) area, Menteng Park, Ayodya Park, Harmoni and Dukuhatas Busway stop, and the City Hall building.

"The presence of the new Wi-Fi network will reinforced the existing free networks already installed earlier. It is installed for the development and progress of Jakarta as a metropolitan city," he said.

The municipal city spokesperson, Sugiyanta added that the free internet service would be evenly distributed throughout the capital region in the next five years.

Hopefully every Kelurahan, the lowest city administration level, can enjoy the free internet in the near future.

"Compensation is obtained from three companies, who each provide their two canals to be used by the city government," Sugiyanta added.