"The World Prayer Assembly will be a `new wave` to strategically connect and empower the global prayer and mission movements, as Christian leaders from up to 220 nations connect through united prayer, leading to spirit-inspired action to transform our world," Bambang Wijaya said.

Bambang added that the government has supported the event, co-hosted by the leaders of Indonesian and Korean prayer movements, with the support of international prayer networks such as the International Prayer Council (IPC) and the Global Day of Prayer.

Bambang said that on May 17, 2012, more than 100,000 believers of all denominations, including 20,000 youths, will gather in the Bung Karno national sport stadium of Jakarta for a massive prayer meeting.

He added that the meeting will be linked live to 371 cities in Indonesia where there will be similar gatherings, combining with the Global Day of Prayer broadcast on satellite TV.

In addition, he said tens of millions of people would take part in other parts of the world, uniting their prayers in an effort to shape the history of the world.