Belarus choses to enter the ASEAN market through Indonesia

16 April, 2012

Belarus has decided to build close relations with Indonesia and make Indonesia as a strategical partner to enter the ASEAN market. In the course of a recent meeting in Minsk welcoming the new Ambassador of Indonesia to Russia and Belarus, the Foreign Minister of Belarus, Sergei Martynov has noted that Belarus plans to make Indonesia the hub of commerce for Belarus’s commidities in the ASEAN region.

The head of the Information Department at the Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow, M. Aji Surya had told ANTARA London on Sunday, that His Excellency’s visit to the former soviet country was to meet with Indonesian counterparts in Belarus while handing in his credentials to the President of Belarus,Alexander Lukashenko. This early spring meeting has become one that has evoked close relations on both sides.

The Belarussian Foreign Minister has been impressed by the developments of the bilateral relations of the two country which have been marked by numerous visits of high officials from both sides all of which were accompanying trade missions, which have resulted in several trade agreements.

The government of Belarus has expressed its commitment to make Indonesia it’s headway to the ASEAN market and also a trade-hub for the products from Belarus resulting in the cooperation of the two country. “I believe it was a good decision from our government to place our embassy (that serves as an embassy to several ASEAN states and to Australia) to Jakarta” said Martinov according to Dodo Sudrajat, First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow.

The minister is planning to visit Jakarta on the 13th of June to actualize the plans of the cooperation. At the meeting the Ambassador of Indonesia was called upon to join making efforts to achieve a new level of bilateral cooperation, especially on the field of economy.

Based on his vast experience in the realm of international diplomacy, the minister believes that ambassador Djauhari has more than enough capacity to make the collaboration work. Besides explaining the various principles of his country, Djauhari has emphasised the fact that the countries do share a common ground concerning important global issues. The Ambassador will accomodate the necesary arrangements to make their plans suceed.

A meeting with the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Belarus and the Belarus Potash Company has resulted in an agreement to make their partnership a diverse one which, among others should include producing together heavy  machinery, military equipment and machinery for agricultural and strategic use, as well as fertilizer.

’Indonesia can become the hub of trade for these jointly produced commodities to the ASEAN countries.’ says the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Sergei Aleinik. Ambassador Djauhari feels that their partner’s stipulation is indeed right, regarding the facts that Indonesia is the center of ASEAN and that ASEAN is estimated to become an economic community with zero percent customs cost ’Jakarta is the capital of ASEAN’.

The rate of commerce between Indonesia and Belarus has been increasing steadily for the last five years. In 2011 it has showed an increase of 27% compared to the previous year and it has reached a total of 163 million USD. The tourism sector shows an increase as well. In the year of 2011 Indonesia recorded 689 visitors from Belarus, which is more than twice of the figures of 2009.

The Deputy Minister of Belarus has brought numerous business delegations to Jakarta in the previous months which proved to be fruitful, resulting in agreements about (among others) joint production of machinery, and also about importing potassium and other materials for fertilizer production from Belarus to Indonesia.


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