In his address to the APEC CEO Summit 2011 at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii Islands, on Saturday at 12.00 local time or Sunday at 05.00 western Indonesian time, the President said Asia and the Pacific which connected Asia with America could determine the world`s future if the region could identify steps ahead to ensure peace and prosperity in the region.

"The Asia-Pacific region must play an important role in creating strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive economic growth," he said.

The important role the region would play no longer needed a forum because there had been a G20 framework and action plan to achieve the goal, he said.

"Nine of the 21 APEC members are G20 members some of which are developed nations, namely the United States, Japan and China. The Asia-Pacific region also covers rapidly-growing countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam," he said.

He expressed his optimism that some of Asia-Pacific countries would soon belong to the category of middle-income countries, adding the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had predicted none of Asian countries would belong to the category of poor countries in 2050.

He was convinced that Asia and the Pacific would play an important role in keeping the balance of global economic order.

"We must play our respective role and show political seriousness to produce the needed fiscal consolidation, structural reform as well as other adjustments," he said.