Indonesian Army Chief of Staff General Pramono Edhie Wibowo on Tuesday after opening the Conference of International Military Testing Association said the holding of the conference was an honor for Indonesia.

"It was only in 2008 that Indonesia joined, and this is an honor for the Army`s psychology to hold the event in Bali, and we had been entrusted to hold the 53rd event and the 7th IMLA," he said.

Gen Pramono Edhi said the Indonesian military unit with the joining of the Indonesian military in the conference, many benefits will be obtained.

"Many things that we have got, I have already said that there may be new techniques in verifications or new keys, to follow developing human behaviors," he said.

The International Conference was followed by 22 countries and is expected to obtain a new knowledge which could determine the works of a military in accordance with his personal character.

"In addition, the meeting is also aimed at increasing the relations between military psychological institutions, and for discussing strategic environmental developments and challenges along with other issues in relation to psychology," he said.

He said the role of psychology as an applied science in the military is very significant and therefore covering a very wide spectrum, covering all areas and many aspects of life.

"However, the wide role and psychological strategy besides their contribution, are often invisible directly. This like its effects, especially in providing proofs of results," he said.

As an agenda of an international scientific meeting for military institutions in evaluation and selection and training for military leadership, Gen Pramono Edhie said, IMTA-IMLA conferences played important roles as communication forum for exchange of knowledge in relation to military psychology.

Besides that, this event can also play the role of a media for experiences and information on testing instruments, leadership competence and matters relating to psychology.