"This indication is apparent in the very high fish consumption in the local population," he said in Denpasar Tuesday.

Victor added that fish eaters have become an established part of life, and had even become some kind of tend amidst critical conditions.

"The local peoples have become very right in spending their money or going places, and preferred fishing consumption," he said.

Victor said exports from January to September 2011 reached 2.1 billion US dollars, with this year`s fish exports worth 3.2 million US dollars," he said

He added that the main export market of Indonesian fish products is still the big countries like the US, West Europe and Japan.

Victor said the export share market to the US is the highest, namely 30 pct, followed by Western Europe 25 pct and Japan 20 pct.

He added that in anticipation of an impact of the global economic crisis, he is expanding or diversifying the market to the Middle East and South Africa.