With the increase in investment, the Indonesian economic growth would remain stable, BKPM Chief Gita Wirjawan said after addressing a seminar on New Asia Rising here on Saturday.

"We are optimistic that the domestic economy will continue to grow well and will not be affected by the global crisis triggered by the sovereign debt crisis in the US and Europe," he said.

Asked about security conditions and natural disasters in Indonesia, he said the matter was one of the factors that investors needed to consider.

"Yet security conditions and natural disasters do not very much influence investors to cancel their investment plans in Indonesia," he said.

Indonesian permanent representative to ASEAN Ngurah Swajaya said on Thursday investment in the Southeast Asian region almost doubled to US$70.8 billion in 2010 from US$37.8 billion the year before.

The investment mostly went to the industrial sector in line with the aim of forming an ASEAN community by 2015 to turn the region into a competitive industrial hub for the world`s industrialized countries such as Japan and Germany, he said.