According to a report from the HSBC Trade Confidence Index (TCI) and HSBC Trade Forecast announced here on Thursday, Indonesia`s trade volume in the next 15 years is expected to increase as much as 144 percent. The increase is said to be mainly supported by export of commodities. According to the forecast, Indonesia`s trade volume in 2025 is expected to reach US$619.6 billion from US$280.4 billion in 2010.

Head of Trade HSBC Indonesia Nirmala Salli who attend the Thursday announcement said traders from Indonesia are most optimistic about trade prospects with Greater China and South East Asia in the next six months.

"The level of optimism from Indonesian traders is very high due to the rising of trade volume between buyer and supplier as well as the increasing of trust towards the stability of foreign exchange and regulation," she said.

She said Indonesian businessmen were confident to do expansion abroad. However, she added, the action would need more capital which means banking sector need to prepare itself in supporting the businessmen.

Nirmala said fluctuation of foreign exchange and regulations were two main challenges for optimistic international traders.