Speaking to the press conference on the sidelines of the 18th ASEAN Summit here on Sunday, Hun Sen however did not disclose the contents of the recommendation reached during the Thai-Cambodia meeting which was facilitated by Indonesia Sunday morning.

"The recommendation has been accepted by Thailand and Cambodia," Hun Sen said.

He said that the foreign ministers of Thailand and Cambodia would extend the length of their stay for one more day in Indonesia after the end of the 18th ASEAN Summit on Sunday.

The foreign ministers of the two countries will still meet to discuss the recommendation which both sides had agreed.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen as state guests and held a tripartite meeting to discuss the border conflict between the two nations.

The tripartite meeting was held before they attended the 18th ASEAN Summit on the second day here on Sunday.

The three state leaders during the meeting sit face-to-face in a triangular formation. Abhisit Jejjajiva sit on the left side of Yudhoyono while Hun sen was on his right side.

Hun Sen said it was a meeting between Cambodia and Thailand because it involved Indonesia as the ASEAN chair.

Hun Sen said Cambodia wanted that Indonesia and ASEAN should be involved in the peace talks which would be carried out by a team with some members dispatched to the Cambodia area and some others to the Thai area along their borders.

After all, according to Hun Sen, the UN Security Council had decided that the border problem between the two neighboring states should be resolved first in the ASEAN forum before it could be taken to the UN.